May 19, 2020

Cytonn Investments launched construction on Sh15bn RiverRun estate

Cytonn Investments
RiverRun estate
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Cytonn Investments launched construction on Sh15bn RiverRun estate

The asset manager, Cytonn Investments, began construction in the RiverRun estate project on 23 April.

The project, located in Ruiru, Kiambu County, is set to cost Sh15bn (U$149.9mn). Cytonn’s financing has been sourced from a mix of pre-payments from debt instruments and buyers.

The estate will feature a boat club, boutique hotel, water park, school, 600 apartments, and 258 residential units.

Residents of the RiverRun estate will benefit from a retail factory, club house and gym, swimming pool and spa, and a landscape garden and playing fields.


The project will be constructed in two phases across 10-acres of land, and is anticipated to be complete in four years.

“We are set to break ground on RiverRun estate today,” commented Joyce Mwai, Project Management Analyst at Cytonn Investments.

“The project sits on 100-acre piece of land and we intend to implement it in two phases.”

The accommodation at the estate is expected to cost between Sh12mn ($119,999) and Sh50mn ($499,997).

RiverRun estate will be found 7km from Thika Road and 1.5km from Kiambu-Kamiti Road.

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