May 19, 2020

GoIP Global aims to grow marijuana in Kenya

GoIP Global
Hasit Patel
2 min
GoIP Global aims to grow marijuana in Kenya

It is believed GoIP Global Inc is claiming to have obtained a licence to cultivate marijuana on 500 acres of land in Kenya, according to Business Daily Africa.

Listed on the OTC Markets of New York, the US-based company told its shareholders that it has secured a permit to grow the stimulant on a 500-acre plot in Kenya.

In a statement, Ike Sutton, company chairman, said: “After visiting Kenya and meeting with officials in the country, I am very excited about the prospects this agreement (licence) brings to our company. This is the first of several critical transactions that will transform GoIP into a relevant member of the burgeoning cannabis industry.”


“The lease term will be for 25 years and Kenya being on the Equator provides the best conditions for all-year round production.”

However, the government of Kenya has denied issuing a licence, with the plant prohibited in the country.

Agricultural Research Principal Secretary Hamadi Boga commented: “I am not aware of the licensing of the said firm to grow marijuana. As you are aware, cannabis is not in the list of crops that we currently regulate.”

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