May 19, 2020

KCB to introduce fingerprint and voice identity security

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KCB to introduce fingerprint and voice identity security

The Kenyan bank, KCB Group, has announced its plans to introduce a biometric access system that will allow customers to access their accounts using their fingerprints or voice.

The lender has placed a tender inviting technical experts to introduce this technology to the bank, including its ATM machines.

The new technology is expected to make a significant impact on the reduction of fraud within the country.

Other banks, such as Equity Bank and Standard Chartered, have already introduced similar security to their systems.


“The solution will provide…easy customer biometric feature on boarding process, easy to use application to authenticate customers, secure, reliable and auditable administration of the customer biometric features,” report KCB.

The bank aims to implement the new biometric technology on its mobile, ATM, online banking, and in-store at its branches.

With the system implemented across so many platforms, the bank hopes the pace of transaction will increase, as well as the security of access services.

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