May 19, 2020

Senwes uses INFINIDAT storage to improve reliability and performance

South Africa
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Senwes uses INFINIDAT storage to improve reliability and performance

Senwes, the South African agriculture firm, has begun using an enterprise data storage array provided by INFINIDAT.

The storage solution promises to deliver faster-than-all-flash performance, high availability and multi-petabyte scale capacity.

With the new offering, Senwes aims to future-proof its storage growth through improved performance, reduced costs, and increase reliability.

IT is play a crucial role in the South African firm’s operations, which covers over 140 sites across nine provinces, with the company employ more than 3,000 members of staff.


“As Senwes grows, so does the volume of data we generate and use, making storage and accessibility increasingly difficult to predict in terms of capacity requirements,” stated Alf White, Group Executive of Information Technology at Senwes.

“We realised a storage solution was needed that offers more flexibility and allows for expansion without a large initial capital outlay.”

“We provided Senwes with an InfiniBox F4000 solution, which immediately made available the 300TB capacity Senwes needed, while including 700TB of useable capacity for future demands. Senwes’ storage requirements are now covered for the next 7 years – at least,” remarked Hayden Sadler, Country Manager for South Africa at INFINIDAT.

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