May 19, 2020

US First Lady Michelle meets Mandela

South Africa
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Melissa Rudd
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US First Lady Michelle meets Mandela

US First Lady Michelle Obama will visit Soweto today after an impromptu meeting Nelson Mandela earlier this week at his Houghton home.

Obama, who is travelling with her daughters, mother niece and nephew, is due to visit a number of historical sites in the area.

She met former South African president and anti-apartheid icon Mandela on Tuesday after viewing papers at the Nelson Mandela Foundation. 



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The 92-year-old expressed his desire to meet with the Obama family despite a formal meeting not being scheduled due to his fragile health.

President Barack Obama met with Mandela when he was a US senator in 2005, but this was the first meeting between America's first black first lady and South Africa’s first black President. 

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