May 19, 2020

Zimbabwe government to acquire 15 new planes from Malaysia

Air Zimbabwe
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Zimbabwe government to acquire 15 new planes from Malaysia

In a bid to revive its national airline, the Zimbabwe government is set to acquire 15 aircrafts from Malaysia.

Air Zimbabwe is to receive the new planes under a public-private partnership, between the government and Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group (DIDG).

“The Civil Aviation Authority is on the verge of acquiring 15 new air planes from Malaysia under a lease agreement,” stated Joram Gumbo, Transport and Infrastructure Minister.


“The deal was penned between government and a private company DIDG, a consortium of business partners from the diaspora.”

According to the Transport and Infrastructure Minister, the agreement will be renewed every five years.

According to a report, Air Zimbabwe was suffering with a $330mn debt and a disappointing balance sheet.

In May this year, the national carrier was the subject of scrutiny as it was allegedly barred from travelling to Europe because of safety concerns.

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