May 19, 2020

AI strategies lacking within European companies, says Fujitsu study

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Johan De Mulder
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AI strategies lacking within European companies, says Fujitsu study

Companies in Europe lack the strategic focus to effectively integrate artificial intelligence, according to a new study from Fujitsu.

While business executives and senior IT leaders demonstrated a clear understanding of the potential of AI, only 25% of those surveyed saw it as strategically important - with just 11% having a concrete strategy already in place.

Working with analyst firm Pierre Audoin Consultants, Fujitsu spoke with representatives from 240 companies from all around the continent in sectors including automotive, manufacturing, and retail.

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"It looks as if AI is currently being driven by functional needs, with a clear understanding of the benefits on offer and initiatives well underway across Europe," said Dr David Snelling, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer and Program Director Artificial Intelligence, CTO Office at Fujitsu EMEIA.

"However, from Fujitsu’s perspective, the apparent lack of a strategic framework for AI is surprising and points to a need for board-level executives to be more engaged in the discussion to unlock the full potential of this disruptive technology."

The finding were based on a full report from Fujitsu which highlights the benefits of using AI to innovate processes driven by business applications, providing a useful guide for executives.

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