May 19, 2020

Businesses in Europe behind on multicloud adoption, says the IDC

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Johan De Mulder
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Businesses in Europe behind on multicloud adoption, says the IDC

Research from the International Data Corporation (IDC) has highlighted how underprepared European companies are to transfer to multicloud operations.

IDC surveyed more than 600 key business executives about their cloud plans and only 9% were found to be ready for multicloud adoption, despite the technology being widely recognised as mission critical for companies in the near future.

Nearly 34% of those surveyed have no plans to move from their current cloud solutions inside the next year, with over 42% of European organisations citing managing and controlling cost as their most pressing multicloud data management priority.

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"While the perception of multicloud infrastructure as an end goal certainly resonates with European organisations, there remains uncertainty over what a multicloud strategy looks like and how this strategy should be disseminated within an organisation," commented IDC's Michael Ceroic.

"Elements from infrastructure technology, aligning cloud vision between different business lines, and internal cloud expertise all play a part in facilitating successful multicloud endeavours."

According to IDC's research, 'businesses need to identify which workloads are fit for public cloud and which workloads are better run in a private cloud' and that 'an ever-changing cloud landscape means IT buyers also need to constantly evaluate the cloud vendor landscape'.

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