May 19, 2020

London is hosting the Google Next 18 cloud exhibition

Google Cloud
Bruno Reis
2 min
London is hosting the Google Next 18 cloud exhibition

Google is hosting its Next 18 London exhibition between 10-11 October, focusing on inspiration, innovation, and education.

The company claims the event can be a place “where we learn from one another how the cloud can transform how we work and power everyone’s successes.”

The exhibition will target how Google Cloud’s European customers are adopting the technology for digital transformation across businesses.

Google Cloud, which features Gmail and Google Docs, has more than 14,000 business customers.


During the first day of the event, the CEO of Google Cloud, Diane Greene, provided a keynote addressing how the technology can enable firms to grow in the global economy.

“Our advances with the technology have enabled us to help businesses of all sizes take so much data and make it usable – it’s such an incredibly powerful tool – and essentially it lets businesses supercharge their data,” Greene stated.

“We are seeing incredible momentum with our G-Suite services, so with that comes more investment.

“We have seen new investment locations in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and more.

“Countries are really starting to get to grips with the potential of their data and they know the cloud is the way forward.”

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