May 19, 2020

New free learning platform for Kenya youths launched by Blaze, Safaricom

Leah Netabai
2 min
New free learning platform for Kenya youths launched by Blaze, Safaricom

A new free learning platform called Blaze Link has been launched this month. The platform is an aggregator of e-learning resources where young people aged 26 years and under can improve their skills via online courses. The aim of this is to encourage young people to pursue their areas of interest.

“Blaze Link is coming in as a career compass and job-finder that will empower Kenyan youth by linking them with skills that they require to be successful whether by becoming their own bosses or through employment,” said Safaricom CEO, Michael Joseph. “Blaze Link is a new addition to the Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) platform, which is focused on empowering the youth as they journey towards success. We are leveraging on the power of digital platforms so that we can reach those who cannot make it to the BYOB summits and creation camps”. 


The courses will cover multiple industry areas such as sales and marketing, finance, agriculture, creative arts, programming and development. Blaze Link will also give young people the ability to directly look for employment by highlighting available jobs and give entrepreneurs visibility of market opportunities.

When logging onto Blaze Link users will complete a test to identify their strengths and skills in order to give the most relevant course tailored to their interests and academic background. After completion of the course modules users are directed to further learning and experimental training via partner organisations or available jobs.

Various big names have been brought on board to partner with Blaze including: Google, IBM, Cloud Factory and Brighter Monday.

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