Nokia: first 5G standalone private wireless network

By Georgia Wilson
Nokia launches its first commercial standalone 5G private wireless network...

In a recent announcement Nokia announced the launch of its global and commercially available 5G standalone (SA), industrial grade, private wireless networking solution to fulfill the needs of the most demanding industrial and manufacturing use cases.

The new 5G SA introduced by Nokia will provide its customers with a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of high performance 4.9G/LTE and 5G private wireless network solutions. 

“With the introduction of 5G SA, we set a new standard for our enterprise customers with a world-class lineup of private wireless solutions to meet their digitalization needs, no matter their entry point or connectivity requirements,” commented Raghav Sahgal, President of Nokia Enterprise.

“Private wireless connectivity is central to our customers realizing their long-term digital transformation goals. By delivering 5G SA, we’re paving the way to accelerate digitalization in the most demanding of use cases such as automotive manufacturing, where cloud, robotics and autonomous machine operations create mission-critical demands for reliable low latency and high data rate.”

During the development of its 5G SA, Nokia has conducted trials with customers and mobile operator partners since Q1 of 2020. 

With more than 180 private wireless enterprise customers - over 30 of which are harnessing 5G - Nokia has announced the deployment of 5G private wireless for Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa Technik and Toyota Production Engineering. The new 5G SA solution will provide enterprise customers with the choice of deploying Nokia Digital Automation Cloud as well as the ability to further customise their network according to the needs of the organisation.

“We recognize that 4.9G/LTE, which handles more than 85% of industrial applications, will continue to be the foremost private wireless solution for some time. With this announcement we bring the best of both worlds. We are offering customers the choice to start with 4.9G/LTE, and evolve to 5G as the ecosystem matures, or alternatively, to go ‘direct to 5G’ – validating the technology and driving OEM and industrial asset vendors to develop a thriving 5G ecosystem,” added Sahgal.

In addition to Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa Technik and Toyota Production Engineering, Nokia also announced that Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology will be deploying its 5G SA private wireless network at its test mine in Finland.

“By deploying a Nokia 5G SA private wireless network with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, we can showcase an entirely new range of game-changing capabilities here in our Tampere test mine,” commented Patrick Murphy, President, Rock Drills and Technologies, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

“As we work with our customers to help them leverage technology to digitise their operations, the introduction of 5G opens the door to new opportunities in robotics, remote and autonomous operations, full-fleet automation, analytics and enhanced safety. As such, it comprises a breakthrough in the digital transformation of mining.”

Also providing comment on the recent announcement made by Nokia, Pablo Tomasi, Principal Analyst, Private Networks at Omdia highlighted that “to be successful in industry verticals, such as transport and manufacturing, the cellular ecosystem must provide compelling offerings that address both current pain points and long-term disruptive trends. The private networks market will be built on the trust and results delivered by private LTE, however enterprises, vendors, and service providers must start now to understand the real potential of 5G and how to incorporate it into their strategies. By moving quickly with a 5G SA Private Network offering Nokia has now the opportunity to secure a pivotal role in driving the growth of the 5G ecosystem for enterprises.”

To find out more about Nokia’s 5G standalone private wireless network, click here!

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