May 19, 2020

OCP Group and IBM in joint venture to aid digital transformation in Africa

TEAL Technology Services
OCP Group
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OCP Group and IBM in joint venture to aid digital transformation in Africa

The Moroccan chemicals company, OCP Group, and American computing manufacturer, IBM, announced their joint venture on 7 December.

The partnership aims to provide digital and IT services in sectors across Africa, ranging from agriculture to industry.

The joint venture, dubbed TEAL Technology Services™, plans to initially support OCP with its acceleration in digital transformation, and enhance efficiencies within the company’s business operations.

TEAL Technology Services™ will implement advanced technologies, including analytics, cognitive, and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as developing customised services, leveraging OCP and IBM expertise, and generating employment within the IT sector.


“Serving the African market, the IBM-OCP partnership will create innovative solutions and services to drive digital transformation in industry and other sectors important to Africa’s economic growth,” the companies announced in a joint statement.

“This JV with IBM is another step in OCP’s tested model of strategic partnerships with best-in-class organizations to promote economic transformation and human capital development in sectors that are key to Africa’s future growth,” explained Mustapha El Ouafi, OCP’s Managing Director.

“OCP and IBM’s TEAL Technology Services will help build and accelerate Africa’s digital transformation.”

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