May 19, 2020

Shopbox improves productivity with strategic partnerships

Nell Walker
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Shopbox improves productivity with strategic partnerships


Danish startup company, Shopbox, has partnered with Microsoft and Hewlett Packard to develop the world's fastest cloud-based checkout counter. The system is known as a POS - Point-of-Sale - system, allowing high-speed and hyper-effiient payment transactions within the hospitality industry.

Along with its partners, Microsoft has invested around 300,000 Euros in developing a Windows 10-compatible version of the Shopbox system, so that it can run on tablets which use Microsoft's OS. 

Christian Zigler, Founder and CEO of Shopbox, said: “We have improved the speed of checkout by at least 25% percent compared to other very fast solutions out there. This is huge when you’re a business that has to cater a ton of people in no time. Our first customer is a large and well-known venue who desperately wanted to offer faster transactions - we made that happen, as well as offering all the other benefits of a cloud-based POS. For a young, ambitious startup it feels great to be able to outperform the old guys."


Shopbox has previously only been available on iOS, but working on a more accessible platform with Microsoft and HP will allow for a huge boost to business.

Every element of the process is opitmised, from the software to the credit card terminal itself. This is guaranteed to help the business venues Shopbox is targeting with its latest offering, for whom transaction speed is crucial to maximizing turnover and making customers happier.


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