Top 4 Fast-Growing Technology Jobs in European Industry

By Annifer Jackson

The world is making vast changes when it comes to technology and nowhere are these changes having a larger impact than in Europe.

From tech-advanced jobs to the ever-increasing social media landscape, there are a number of European companies that are raising the bar when it comes to finding qualified tech employees.

Here are a few fast-growing jobs in the European tech industry as well as some of the skills required for the positions:

Computer Systems Analyst

From Poland to the UK to Spain and every country in between, more and more European companies are looking for qualified techies in the form of computer systems analysts.

Systems analyst positions are one of the fastest growing careers in the world and Europe's growing tech business scene is in need of qualified candidates.

Computer systems analysts are responsible for ensuring a steady workflow between a company's employees and its computer system.

This means having expert knowledge of hardware, software, and networks and how these three components work together.

From configuring software to monitoring system operations to system-wide troubleshooting, computer systems analysts have some big shoes to fill in European companies, which is why the competition is so intense.

IT Manager

As European companies continue to beef up their computer systems, employees with a complete understanding of Internet technology are becoming increasingly desirable. That's where IT managers come into play.

IT managers are in charge of making sure companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to the ever-changing aspects of computer technology.

The best IT managers are able to predict and provide companies with the right technological upgrades while also supervising and dictating tasks to other IT personnel.

Social Media Manager

A growing number of European companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon and hiring social media managers to come along for the ride.

As the following article shows, whether it's social marketing campaigns promoting the "5 benefits of e Textbooks” or managing social media comment pages, social media managers are becoming increasingly important in the European business world and beyond.

Many companies are hiring teams of social media experts to make sure their brands have an impressive and highly active social presence.

Social media managers aren't just Facebook and Twitter experts; they know how to boost a company's online profile with consistent, engaging social content.

Information Security Analyst

As European companies increase their online data the need for information security increases as well.

Information security analysts are responsible for keeping a company's data and digital dealings safe and free from hacking threats and data breaches.

With security breaches plaguing companies in Europe and all across the world, qualified security analysts are more important than ever.

Important Skills

There are a number of important skills European companies look for in qualified tech candidates. A broad range of technological knowledge is important, but specialized expertise is also ideal.

In terms of overall requirements, companies in Europe place a ton of weight on experience, background, and training. Candidates who bring all three of these to the table as well as a team spirit and working knowledge of technology on a corporate level usually get the job. 

When it comes to the job landscape in Europe, it's plain to see that technology goes a long way.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including IT staffing and worldwide job markets.


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