May 19, 2020

Five of seven Premier League TV rights packages sold for £4.46bn

Jason Harris
1 min
Five of seven Premier League TV rights packages sold for £4.46bn

Five rights packages to show England’s Premier League games between 2019-2022 have been sold to Sky and BT for a combined £4.464bn, with two live packages yet to be sold.

Sky again won the majority of the rights, paying £3.58bn to show 128 Premier League matches each season beginning 2019/2020, whilst BT themselves paid £885mn, securing one package to show 32 games per season.

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Interestingly, despite the huge sums on offer, the amount that Sky and BT are paying has fallen from the £5.14bn in 2015 to £4.46bn in the latest set of rights. Further, the amount that Sky is willing to pay per game has fallen as much as 14% from £10.8mn to £9.3mn.

“This suggests that there is clearly a ceiling that consumers are willing to pay for watching Premier League games and subsequently what providers’ are willing to bid for,” said Paolo Pescatore, Vice President, Multiplay and Media, CCS Insight.

The remaining two packages featuring simultaneous matches are expected to go to internet streaming providers such as Amazon or Google, with the Premier League having revealed that it has received interest from multiple bidders for the packages.

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