May 19, 2020

Innovative startup Pentatonic raises £4.3mn to fund European growth

United Kingdom
Johan De Mulder
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Innovative startup Pentatonic raises £4.3mn to fund European growth

Online retail startup Pentatonic has attracted investment to the value of £4.3mn to fund a scale-up mission.

The innovative British company promises to 'turn trash to treasure' by converting plastic waste into furniture and homeware, with a number of its products set to attract attention at this month's London Design Festival.

A funding round has raised money from a number of respectable sources within the upcycle industry, including Taiwanese investor Miniwhiz and Steven Chang of Chinese technology investor Tencent.

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Pentatonic founder Jamie Hall believes the invesment will allow the company to quickly expand its offering around Europe.

“Our investors bring both funds to advance our product range as well as a wealth of experience and expertise within technology, environment and financing sectors to help quickly propel us from a startup to a prominent European consumer brand," he said.

Hall, a former UK Head of Marketing for Levi, joined forces with German-born marketer Johann Boedecker to form the company, whose products include glasses made from recycled smartphone screens and a chair developed entirely from recycled plastic.

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