Digital Strategy Articles

Constructive Bio genome startup eyes US$750bn polymer market

UK-based Constructive Bio has created technology for producing synthetic genomes, hopes it can help fight climate change in US$750bn polymers market

Businesses turn to Zero Trust model as cybercrime risk rises

With ransomware one of the biggest organisational threats, businesses are increasingly turning to Zero Trust for protection. Here’s why it makes sense

PassFort on the future of crypto regulation and compliance

Alex Richter, Head of PassFort, on the future of cryptocurrency regulation and compliance

Improve your business efficiency by breaking down siloes

Mat Clothier, CEO of Cloudhouse, explores how configuration management tools can provide insight into traditionally siloed sectors and improve efficiency

Dubai vs Shanghai – the race to metaverse economy dominance

Dubai’s new metaverse strategy to attract 1,000 firms comes hot on the heels of Shanghai’s own ambitious metaverse plans – but which city will prevail?

Assess risk with EY’s Virtual Internal Auditor platform

Big 4 consultancy EY launches Virtual Internal Auditor (VIA) to help businesses respond faster and take data-driven decisions to mitigate risk

Ericsson, Qualcomm, Thales partner on taking 5G into space

5G is set to enter space – Ericsson, Qualcomm, Thales partner on network of Earth-orbiting satellites they believe will contribute to the 5G revolution

Employees ignoring IT rules to use applications of choice

Study by Cerby says 92% of employees and managers in large companies want full control over applications they use, regardless of security concerns