DHL: Greenplan launches new algorithm for route optimisation

By Georgia Wilson
Greenplan - a DHL financed start-up company - launches new algorithms to optimise delivery routes and stop sequence logistics...

The algorithm was developed by scientists from the University of Bonn alongside DHL’s logistics experts, setting new benchmarks, to improve the industry's efficiency and sustainability efforts while maintaining the quality of planning. By leveraging the full potential of smart routing and all the information and data available, the algorithm will drive the optimisation of transport routes in a delivery area, while existing solutions will deal with smaller complex sub areas.

"We at Greenplan want to help make the industry more efficient and sustainable. With our smart and powerful algorithm, we are tackling the complex task of efficient route planning by offering a precise and reliable solution that can be integrated into existing systems," commented Dr. Clemens Beckmann, CEO at Greenplan. "In contrast to nearly all tools on the market, Greenplan - for the first time - calculates routes according to historic traffic information available on street-level. This, in turn, enables our customers to save up to 20 per cent costs compared to standard route optimization solutions and to lower their carbon footprint accordingly, simply by reducing kilometers driven."

The algorithm considers specific parameters for electric vehicle fleets, relating to the range limits of each vehicle. As a result the smart algorithm helps to decrease costs and lower CO2 emissions for the same work. Helping not only logistics companies, but also supporting field service providers who plan schedules.

Changing customer needs

As the growing ecommerce market fuels demand for same-day deliveries and the contract logistics market looks at just in time processes, the Greenplan algorithm provides the capabilities to digest not only targeted addresses but also individual delivery time windows on shipment level. 

The algorithm does this by considering time-of-day-dependent and street-specific travel times, in order to find the optimal starting time for deliveries. This solution also supports contingency planning incase of incomplete data as well as considering system relevant variables. These features provide customers with predictability, and delivery drivers with a robust solution that is adaptable to a variety of issues.


Greenplan empowers its customers to implement their own green strategies by enabling CO2 emission reductions with shorter distance and fewer tours.

The organisation provides visibility on an organization's visibility on the estimated carbon footprint based on planned delivery routes as well as taking into consideration emissions per vehicle type in order to plan the most efficient routes.

“Logistics is a highly fragmented industry that delivers a multitude of solutions for individual processes. To realize the full potential of capacities and optimize resource management, Greenplan teamed up with the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics at the University of Bonn to engineer a new smart algorithm capable of meeting customers' unique business needs, while still ensuring short computing times,” commented DHL in a company statement.

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