GP drives sustainability efforts with first report

By Georgia Wilson
GP - a global leader in the oil industry - has announced the launch of its first sustainability report, driving its commitments to sustainable efforts...

The announcement made by GP further enhances the organisation’s efforts in supporting the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UAE 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, by delivering sustainable solutions across its entire portfolio to preserve the planet.

Within GP’s sustainability report, the organisation showcases an enterprise-wide review of the group’s sustainability capabilities and objectives. This includes its investments in non-conventional energy resources as well as its expansion into Agri Trading markets.

Other investments made by the organisation include Biomass projects such as Briquetting Plants, Captive Power Plants and Steam Generation Plants.

In addition to its investment, the organisation has set objectives to utilise the potential of biodiesel extracted from used cooking oil (UCO) to be used as a potential replacement of petro-diesel fuel. Another objective for GP includes the exploration of potential sustainable outcomes provided by Ethanol Trade which has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from 50% to 100%, however this will depend on the feedstock and processes.

“At GP Global, we believe that sustainable commodity solutions have the potential to deliver real progress and development when it comes to the health of our environment. Spearheading an important mission of developing an entirely sustainable product portfolio while contributing to providing solutions for global energy gaps, we at GP Global are actively exploring the Non-Conventional Energy space,” commented Prerit Goel, Joint Managing Director at GP Global.

“As a responsible organization, we have to think outside the box and ask ourselves how to achieve these sustainable fuel alternatives. While doing so, we aspire to create growth opportunities that benefit not only our business partners, clients and economies, but also our environment and society at large,” added Goel.

Currently focusing on India and the Middle East, GP is working on building supply chains from ‘the farm gate to the fork and factory’, via agricultural commodities trading such as grains and oilseeds for animal feed.

“Agriculture is likely to be one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. Growing demand in emerging markets would need to be met as natural resources continue to become a limiting factor. We are eager to play a distinct role in helping to feed and nourish people all over the world and we are strongly committed to sourcing agri-food products with traceability and value,” continued Goel.

After extensive analysis made by the company, GP has presented its performance overview within the report, as well as its CSR initiatives which totals so far at US$219,241 spent on creating indirect impact within societies.

“At GP Global, we lay equal emphasis on tracking the impact of our sustainability efforts as well as including triple bottom line aspects into long term business strategy. Today it is more important than ever to shift the industry focus from financial gain to uncovering and developing environmental and social impact. Our strategic business objectives include a mix of organic and inorganic expansion which are laid upon a foundation of sustainable commitments that will continue to drive our business,” concluded Manan Goel, Joint Managing Director at GP Global.

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