May 19, 2020

Morocco’s WaystoCap attends World Economic Forum in Davos

World Economic Forum
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Morocco’s WaystoCap attends World Economic Forum in Davos

The B2B e-commerce marketplace, WaystoCap, has announce its attendance to the World Economic Forum.

The forum, which is often dubbed Davos after its location, will attract leaders in business and politics between 22 and 25 January.

The company has been titled a “Technology Pioneer” and is the first startup from North Africa to win the award.

The firm focuses on African trade, easing buying and selling operations from importers and exporters.

The marketplace connects regional and international partners, sources competitive prices, offers better payment terms, secures trade through insurance, warehouses and other mechanisms, and supports the entire transaction.


“With the recent funding, the new products and geographical expansion, we intend to accelerate our reach in Africa even more in order to help the entire continent develop,” stated Niama El Bassunie, Founder and CEO of WaystoCap.

“Having been named ‘Technology Pioneer’ by the World Economic Forum has a particular significance as WaystoCap is the first startup from Morocco and North Africa to ever receive the award.”

“Besides, the invitation to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and be among world leaders engaged in important issues that impact the global agenda is a huge opportunity for us that we must take to raise the visibility of Africa and its opportunities.”

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