10 sustainable startups in Africa and the Middle East

By Leah Netabai

Business Chief Africa takes a look at 10 sustainable startups in Africa and the Middle East. 


Established in 2015, Baramoda is a startup agri-tech which specialises in sustainable agricultural innovations and developing biofertilizers from agri-waste. 

Baramoda’s vision is to lead the way towards a greener environment by providing innovative solutions to efficiently maximise agri-waste management, minimise the cost of production, reduce excessive use of chemical fertilisers and increase crop production with minimal use of water.

Sector: Waste Management

Country: Egypt


Established in 2017, Bekia is an online marketplace for people to exchange household waste for essential goods and leverages technology to develop climate change solutions.

Sector: Waste Management

Country: Egypt 

Avani Middle East 



Established in 2014, Avani Middle East strives to make a sustainable difference by utilising technological solutions to combat the global epidemic of plastic pollution. Avani develops a bioplastic made from cassava starch as well as a range of sustainable food packaging and hospitality products from renewable resources.

Sector: Manufacturing

Country: UAE

Badia Farms

Established in 2016, Badia Farms began its operations with one question in mind “can we grow rare flavours from around the world in the heart of the Middle East?”

Bardia Farms, uses the latest hydroponics technology,to grow delicious, nutritious microgreens and herbs without sunlight, soil, or pesticides. Its farming methods use up to 80 percent less water driving energy-efficiency and sustainability.

Badia Farms is committed to:

  • Producing fresh produce 365 days a year

  • Operate 100% pesticide free

  • Produce all produce locally in the UAE

  • Provide high quality produce 

  • Using sustainable method to produce all fresh produce

Sector: Agritech

Country: UAE

Clean City

Established in 2016, Clean City is an application to help clean up polluted cities, with the app communities can report polluted areas via the app.

Sector: Technology

Country: Morocco


Fabric Aid

Established in 2017, FabricAID collects, sorts, and redistributes clothes to disadvantaged communities at micro-prices - ranging from US$0.3 to a maximum of US$2. Its goal is to deliver quality clothing to those who need them, while reducing fabric waste.

Sector: Waste Management

Country: Lebanon

Go Clean

Established in 2017, Go Clean is a recycling solutions company that strives to increase environmental awareness by including consumers as part of the recycling process, who are then rewarded for being included.

Sector: Waste Management

Country: Egypt

Green Touches

Established in 2015, Green Touches is  an all natural, ethical and eco-friend company that strives to build a greener planet by providing alternative methods of cleaning.

“Our promise to you as a company is to offer our cleaning services as 100% chemical free, natural and Eco certified products. We want to help you, our clients, eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals from your work space.”

Sector: Clean Technology

Country: UAE

Live, Love, Recycle

Established in 2018, Live, Love, Recycle is a mobile app solution that facilities the collection of recyclables from households and business. 

“Our idea "Live Love Recycle" is simple: to build a zero-emission recycling collection service, while employing people below the poverty line, both refugees and Lebanese citizens.”

Sector: Waste Management

Country: Lebanon

Seramic Materials

Established in 2019, Seramic Materials vision is to drive energy intensive industries towards a more sustainable future. 

Seramic Materials is committed to a breakthrough zero-waste philosophy, by forging a new circular eco-economy model that can be applied to heavy industry. Seramic creates two dedicated entities: Seramic Energy which is developing waste heat recovery projects, and Seramic Materials which is manufacturing advanced ceramic products. 

Sector: Waste Management

Country: UAE

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