Britishvolt Partners with Circulor for Carbon Tracking

Britishvolt forms a strategic partnership with Circulor for carbon tracking at its Gigafactory

Britishvolt, the UK’s leading investor in lithium-ion battery cell technologies and associated research and development (R&D), furthers its mission with a new strategic partnership with Circulor

Since selecting Northumberland as its site for the gigafactory at the end of 2020, Britishvolt has been making waves in the UK, becoming the first and largest gigafactory in the UK, joining Make UK, the Manufacturers’ Organisation, pioneering commercially-capable solid-state batteries, and partnering with Glencore (for the supply of cobalt) and ISG (for the factory’s enabling works).

Today, the innovative company has made further progress for its Northumberland factory - specifically in relation to its sustainability progress - by entering into a strategic partnership with Circulor, a leading provider of sustainable supply chain and dynamic CO2 traceability. 

By partnering with Circulor, Biritshvolt will set a new benchmark in CO2 footprint tracking across all of its processes, including the building of its gigafactory and winder supply chain monitoring. As a result, the process will lead to an industry-wide benchmark platform that can pave the way for others to track their roadmap to net zero. 

Racking up its milestones, Britishvolt is continuing its mission to assist vehicle OEMs on their journey to electrification which underscores its values and dynamic environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles and commitments.

“This is another prime example of Britishvolt going above and beyond on its mission to decarbonise society. This data will allow for a complete and honest audit of the company’s net zero ambitions. We will set a new CO2 footprint traceability tool that will redefine industry standards. Producing some of the greenest batteries on the planet isn’t just about tracking the raw materials supply chain, it’s also about making sure the facilities we build, the energy we are supplied, in fact, everything we do, is as sustainable and ethically delivered as possible,” said Peter Rolton, CEO, Britishvolt UK.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Circulor on this project. Britishvolt has a strong social values agenda, as well as world-class Environmental, Social and Governance Principles and Commitments. At our very heart is doing the right thing. This project is the right thing for UK plc, and its people, on the roadmap to a low carbon, sustainable future.” 

Turning Words into Actions 

Britishvolt has instructed Circulor to trace building material supply chains to fully understand inherited CO2 emissions used at the Gigafactory, as well as make this information readily available. 

It is reportedly the first time both CO2 emissions from construction materials and a combined assessment of the social, economic, and environmental impact on the local and regional economy for a large building has been tracked. 

As part of the new strategic partnership, Circulor will provide Britishvolt with a dynamic living digital building inventory for the factory during the build phase, setting a new global benchmark for sustainable/green construction and manufacturing. In doing so, this will help Briitshvolt with its mission to build the world’s most low carbon battery cells.

Circular will also provide Britishvolt with supply chain traceability for the battery materials from source through to manufacturing. Allowing the company to map the CO2 emissions and other ESG considerations.

“It’s time to turn words into actions. We are truly excited to be working with Britishvolt and to have found this strong partner for jointly setting and, more importantly, demonstrating a new global standard for green construction and battery cell production,” said Luise Müller-Hofstede, Client Partner, Circulor.

“We believe this is pioneering work, tracking both CO2 emissions from construction materials for a large building and its social, economic and environmental impact on its local and regional economy, for the first time. Doing the right thing is contagious and being part of BV’s journey is truly exciting. With BV racing forward, I hope this will encourage the wider industry to act responsibly. We all have to work together, collectively, on the road map to net-zero,” concluded Müller-Hofstede.


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