May 19, 2020

EDF claims drivers could save £41,000 on fuel by switching to electric vehicles

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Bruno Reis
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EDF claims drivers could save £41,000 on fuel by switching to electric vehicles

Recent research suggests that drivers in the UK could save $41,000 (US$52,220) during their lifetime by switching to electric vehicles.

According to EDF Energy, motorists in the UK spend £56,000 ($71,320) on average on petrol during their lifetime, Express reported.

The research notes that the average cost during a lifetime of owning an electric vehicle is £15,000 ($19,100).

The report claims that 68% of those questioned will travel further than the nearest petrol station to find cheaper fuel.

35% of British motorists are put of driving by the thought of how much money they spend on fuel.


“Many of us aspire to owning an electric vehicle,” remarked Béatrice Bigois, Managing Director of Customers for EDF Energy.

“This research shows that, not only will electric cars help motorists save money on their fuel costs, electric vehicles will help more people do more of the things they want to, like exploring more of the UK – all while helping the environment by reducing emissions.”

“For this vision to become reality for more drivers, we have to make the decision as easy and attractive as possible for our customers.”

“Our one-stop shop approach gives them access to a car of their choice, a smart charger and the low carbon electricity needed to power it, as well as a wealth of advice and information on EVs, helping more customers go electric today.”

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