GEI and Jasco provide efficient battery management for African Businesses

By mahlokoane percy ngwato

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Global Energy Innovations (GEI) has signed an agreement with Jasco to deliver battery testing, monitoring, and conditioning equipment and software to sub-Saharan Africa.

The Master Distributor Partnership includes the EC Series Handheld Electrochemical Battery Analyser as well as a cloud-based, Continuous Monitoring (CM) programme, which will enable businesses to manage their batteries more efficiently, using a more proactive approach.

Efficient battery management will prove to be key to keeping a stable power supply in the coming years; with organisations like ESKOM implementing load shedding on a regular basis, this partnership is certainly timely.

GEI is a Silicon Valley tech company notable for producing precision battery monitoring, testing, and conditioning and restoration equipment, in addition to supporting software. Its products are used worldwide by a variety of companies including telecoms operators, power generators and any operation that requires state of the art battery technology.

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Kurt Salloux, CEO of GEI said: “Precision battery testing is becoming an essential component of technology infrastructure. In the past, battery maintenance and replacement have typically been reactive processes that only take place once a failure has occurred. This can compromise the integrity of power management solutions. GEI offers a more proactive approach, by determining when batteries are deteriorating, why they are deteriorating and make recommendations.”

Jasco is mainly based in South Africa but does have other operations in sub-Saharan Africa; it delivers end-to-end solutions across the entire ICT value chain, including solution design, business consulting, and installation, amongst other products and services.

Pete da Silva, CEO of Jasco said: “This partnership with GEI will allow us to extend our value offering to include proactive battery monitoring with all our solutions. Our companies are aligned with regards to both focusing on innovative solutions and feature extensive experience in product and solution integration.

He added: “The solutions from GEI fit perfectly with our current offering, enabling our customers to manage their batteries as an asset and mitigate the risk of failure. Jasco will initially focus on taking these solutions to market in the data centre space as well as utilities and telecoms, since these are the markets within sub-Sahara Africa that have a critical requirement for continuous uptime.”

This partnership represents a fantastic opportunity for Africans to utilise the latest Silicon Valley technology to manage their batteries. Given the issues that many African national grids have to deal with on a daily basis (not to mention the consequences for families and business) it is clear that efficient battery management is not just a boon but is a necessary requirement. 

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