Google Glass vs. Samsung Gear S: Which Wearable Tech will Sell Best at Christmas in Europe?

By Annifer Jackson

Wearable technology is set to become the hot seller in Europe over the Christmas period.

Samsung predicts that in the UK alone, €132.08 million of wearables will be sold over the festive season, a huge increase of 182 percent on 2013. This translates to the sale of more than one million devices in core areas like watches and fitness gadgets.

Germany’s wearable technology market is forecast to be the most valuable in Europe at €465.69 million, with the UK the second highest. These two industry leaders combined with Spain and the Netherlands will generate €1165.43 million in wearables this year.

Broken down into types of wearable technology, the smartwatch is set to vastly outsell smart glasses. Samsung forecasts that around 400,000 smartwatches will be sold across the UK, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, comparing to around 30,000 smart glasses.

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Google Glass certainly will not be judging the success of its European Christmas based on units sold however, for it costs at least four times the amount of a high end Galaxy Gear – roughly €1275 compared to €320 – and for now Google is limiting who can buy it. The new Samsung Gear S will be on sale in the UK on November 7 for £329. 

Samsung predicts revenues of €32.25 million on smart glasses across the four countries in question, with smartwatches expected to bring in €79.96 million.

Fitness and activity trackers are actually expected to be the most popular this Christmas across Europe, which would be good news for the Microsoft Band if it were on sale here.

Microsoft Band, the first device powered by Microsoft Health, helps consumers achieve their wellness goals by tracking heart rate, steps, calorie burn, and sleep quality. It also provides email previews and calendar alerts.

Across the UK, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, around 1.05 million such health and fitness devices are predicted to be sold, which amounts to €81.41 million in turnover. Microsoft will have to wait until next to tap into this lucrative seasonal burst in spending.

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Samsung is certainly confident of a strong Christmas in wearable sales. Andy Griffiths, President of Samsung UK & Ireland, commented: “The wearables market has exploded over the past 12 to 18 months with some incredibly exciting and innovative products entering the market.

“As the benefits wearable technology can offer become better understood, it is natural that the sales within this sector will grow and we are delighted to see predictions of 121 percent growth and sales reaching €395 million in the UK alone by the end of this year.”


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