May 19, 2020

KONE elevates its service level

John O'Hanlon
1 min
KONE elevates its service level

The global leader in the elevator and escalator industry KONE is continuing to buy up UK companies in its sector. In November 2011 it bought the Scottish company Lift Maintenance Ltd, in December 2012 Acre Lifts of London and in February 2013 Century Lifts, also in London.

Now it has acquired Express Elevators Ltd (Express), a British company that specialises in the maintenance, repair, modernisation and installation of elevators.

Express is based in Yorkshire and located in close proximity to KONE’s regional offices in Keighley. The company currently has over 2,000 elevators in service and employs approximately one hundred people.

“The acquisition of Express will assist KONE to consolidate and expand in Yorkshire and the surrounding regions in the future”, says Michael Williams, KONE Great Britain Managing Director. “I look forward to bringing the fast, reliable and dedicated service of Express to our customer base.”

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