KSA set to be regional call centre capital

By John O'Hanlon

The KSA is poised to be the data centre capital of the Middle East in the coming years.  The KSA has 16 percent of the world’s proved oil reserves, the largest in the world. It has the world’s fifth largest natural gas reserves and is investing in other alternative power sources.  Saudi Arabia has already created plans to increase the electricity generating capacity of the country to 120 gigawatts by 2032, too.  All of this means extremely cheap energy for the country which is seeing a rapidly growing demand and will continue to in the coming future.  The recently deceased king Abdullah also realised how important this coming technology shift would be and had been allocating twelve percent of the national budget to higher education.  Part of which was sending up to 120,000 students on scholarship to universities overseas.

The founder and chairman of Bagedo International Brands (IB) Hani Bagedo has seen this recent shift in the past few years and knows that there are many Saudi businesses looking to take advantage of the abundant resources. According to Bagedo, with cheap energy prices and a large highly educated IT workforce, the KSA will be an ideal location for Middle East tech companies and server warehouses. “The KSA’s effort to create a highly educated workforce will give it a competitive edge against others for years to come.”

Helping to set up Saudi businesses joining the e-commerce world will help the KSA compete in the global market so that Saudi businesses can join the online commerce (e-commerce) world and become a part of the global market, he added. “Bagedo IB will provide businesses with all the help needed to create fully functioning websites and mobile sites.  Thus they won’t be hamstrung by the rapidly growing but limited population of IT professionals in the country. The KSA’s scholarship program to send students abroad and learn from various universities and then return to the KSA will help increase IT variety and methods in the country.”


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