May 19, 2020

MoU signed by Audi and Huawei for development of connected vehicles

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Johan De Mulder
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MoU signed by Audi and Huawei for development of connected vehicles

German auto giant Audi has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Huawei to develop intelligent connected vehicles.

The collaboration, made as part of a wider effort by authorities in Germany and China to cooperate on future technologies, will see Audi tap into Huawei's expertise in systems and connectivity, with the pair ramping up research and development into this topic.

Other areas of focus falling under the MoU ongoing advancement of automated driving and the digitalisation of services in the vehicle environment. The two companies have agreed to develop training programmes which will strengthen the skills of technology experts in both of these areas.

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"We are intensifying our joint research with Huawei in the area of Intelligent Connected Vehicles,” said Audi's Saad Metz. "Our aim is to improve safety and optimise traffic flows in order to create intelligent cities. The concepts will initially be concentrated on the Chinese market."

Huawei's Veni Shone added: "We are entering a new era of Intelligent Connected Vehicles that will see the emergence of new technological synergies between information and communications technology and the automotive industries. With increased innovation in mobile connectivity, Huawei is committed to transforming the driving experience."

The Chinese company has set up a variety of partnership with European companies in different areas of technology, including a 5G MoU with Altice and a similar arrangement with Italian telco TIM.

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