Technology Articles

Five rules to help close the brand inclusion gap

True diversity should be defined person-by-person, with a granular, intersectional approach, advises Tain Joliffe, Diversity Lead at RAPP Worldwide

Top 10 sustainable building sites and renewables projects

From Dubai to Dallas – 10 of the world’s most sustainable sites, including the biggest solar farm, greenest workspace & largest solar-powered data centre

Dataiku – how to make the most of enterprise AI in recession

Gregory Herbert, SVP EMEA at Dataiku, shares how companies can get more out of their tech platforms in the face of economic volatility

UK's HiiROC wins KPMG award for hydrogen clean energy tech

Pioneering the production of low-cost, zero-emission hydrogen at scale, HiiROC is powering the new green fuel of the future – and winning awards as they go

B Corps movement – why multinational engagement matters

While just 2% of B Corps are multinationals, the movement is growing in big business, marking an important step in driving economic systems change at scale

Why are corporate climate change commitments failing?

Not enough ambition, too much carbon offsetting, little regulation and lack of metrics means corporate climate change commitments are failing

Big Tech faces European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA)

A landmark law to check the market dominance of Big Tech and ensure open markets comes into force. What does it mean and who does it apply to?

What you need to know about Egypt's COP27 climate summit

This year’s UN Climate Conference COP27 takes place in Egypt amid an imminent climate crisis and geopolitical uncertainty – what you need to know