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Meet the CEO: Katerina Giannouka to lead Jumeirah Group

In a sector where there are 10 male leaders for every one female, Katerina Giannouka’s appointment as the new CEO of Jumeirah Group is an important one

Company rebrands accelerate as transformations pick up pace

UAE’s Mashreq Bank is the latest in a long list of companies rebranding as they adapt to a new business era with new strategies, direction, and purpose

The 8 best luxury concierge services for busy executives

We highlight the eight best personal concierge and luxury lifestyle management services for busy global executives

How NTT’s new SaaS offer can help industry achieve net zero

As GHG emissions continue to climb across all sectors, most rapidly in transport and industry, NTT unveils industry’s first full-stack SaaS offering

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30 European companies pledging aid for Ukraine refugees

From fashion labels and pharma firms to banks and retailers, we highlight 30 European-headquartered companies donating to relief efforts in Ukraine

Top 10 Michelin-starred sustainable restaurants in Europe

Fine dining and sustainability can go hand in glove as our selection of the top 10 Europe-based Michelin-starred restaurants prove

Top 10 sustainable companies in Europe

From startups to multinationals, energy to consumer goods, these top 10 companies are the most sustainable in Europe