Corporate Finance Articles

Which European nations have the most successful companies?

Global fintech group Plus500 analysed the largest companies in Europe by market cap and compared their total profit in 2022 with their number of employees

Fast fashion giant Shein continues to take Europe by storm

Shein has just reached another significant milestone, making its very first acquisition in the UK with the purchase of women’s clothing brand Missguided

How Next is expanding its global retail empire

As competitors struggle to adapt to changing customer behaviour, Next has shown remarkable resilience, extending its offering to dozens of countries

European financial professionals are worried about inflation

More than half of those surveyed by ACCA cited inflation as a top concern, followed by wellbeing/mental health and the impact of a global downturn

These are the most valuable brands in Europe

German trio Deutsche Telekom, Mercedes-Benz and Allianz make up the top three as Brand Finance ranks the most valuable brands across Europe

Aldi: The discount supermarket riding the crest of a wave

Discount supermarket chain Aldi recently reported record sales in the UK and is laser-focused on opening hundreds more stores over the coming years

Who are the world’s five youngest billionaires?

Three of the world's five youngest billionaires hail from Europe, while the other two are based in South Korea and have accrued their wealth through Nexon

Islamic Coin and CoinDesk Indices backing Halal crypto

Shariah-compliant cryptocurrency Islamic Coin signs MoU with CoinDesk Indices to develop new index strategies around Halal digital finance