May 19, 2020

Eskom suspends managers over alledged leak of nuclear documents

Eskom Koeberg
Areva Koeberg
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Westinghouse Koeberg
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Eskom suspends managers over alledged leak of nuclear documents

Eskom, South Africa’s state-run power utility has suspended two senior managers while investigating the leaking of documents in a court case involving Koeberg, Africa’s sole power plant.

Koeberg’s station and plant managers were temporarily suspended for allegedly sharing information about the plant’s production plan and steam generator replacement, Eskom said.

The court case is between Eskom and Westinghouse Electric Company, which is challenging a 4.3 billion rand ($323 million) contract given to Areva to swap steam generators in 2014. Eskom said that the leaked information could impact the case.

Westinghouse (the world’s largest nuclear producer and part of Japan’s Toshiba group) claim that the process was flawed, and has challenged Eskom’s move to award the contract to Areva.

Areva are due to replace six steam generators at Koeberg. The generators are expected to be installed by 2018.

"The potential prejudice caused to Eskom by the unauthorised actions of the suspended personnel is currently being assessed," Eskom said in a statement

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SOURCE: [Reuters]

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