Madagascar among world's heaviest users of Facebook Lite

By Polycarp Kazaresam

A study has found that Madagascar is among the top three heaviest users of Facebook Lite. The research also found that as a continent, Africa has the heaviest Lite users.

Facebook Lite is a version of Facebook built to work smoothly with poor data connections and low-end phones. It is targeted at developing countries where data connectivity is hard to come by.

In a new interactive heat map and study, digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb, shows continents that have turned to Facebook Lite since it was  launched on Android's Play Store one year ago. The study looks at the average daily percentage of users that open the app at least once a day, out of all Android users in 223 countries in May 2016.

SimilarWeb found that the top ten countries with the highest rate of use across their Android-using population are Timor Leste (64.61 percent of all Android users open the app daily), Comoros (34.96 percent), Madagascar (34.96 percent), Lesotho (30.12 percent), Nepal (26.56 percent), Republic of Congo (24.39), Equatorial Guinea (23.82 percent), Solomon Islands (23.68 percent) Democratic Republic of Congo (19.71 percent) and Nicaragua (17.24 percent).

The research found that there are three African countries where usage of Lite exceed the regular Facebook app. In Equatorial Guinea, Facebook’s standard app is actively used on 40.2 percent of all Android devices, compared to 45.6 for Facebook Lite. 

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