May 19, 2020

Mary Maersk Sails from Algeciras with Record-Breaking 17,603 Containers

Annifer Jackson
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A record has been set with a Triple-E vessel carrying the highest ever number of containers between Europe and Asia.

Mary Maersk left Algeciras, Spain, on its eastward journey bound for Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia with no less than 17,603 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU), the highest number ever loaded on a vessel.

The third vessel in the Triple-E series, Mary Maersk has a nominal capacity of 18,270 TEU, but so far that capacity has not been fully utilised.

Carlos Arias, head of the South Europe Liner Operations Cluster, said: “Algeciras has been preparing for full utilisation of the Triple-E for more than a year. This included the upgrading of four existing cranes and the arrival of four new Triple-E cranes.”

Having a full vessel means less cost due to higher utilisation, allowing the company to save on bunker and canal cost. A little more than half of the containers on board were empty, being repositioned for re-use in Asia.

Thorvald Hansen, captain on the Mary Maersk, outlined the sorts of cargo being shipped. He said: “We have Danish cheese, frozen pork from Denmark, frozen beef from Germany, frozen berries, chocolate and candy foodstuff, frozen fish, lobster and frozen shellfish, flower bulbs from the Netherlands, pharmaceutical products, fruits and much more.”

Mary Maersk is now underway to its next stop, Yantian, China, with a somewhat lighter load, but by the end of the month it will be steaming west again, with another full load of cargo.

Watch the video below to see the vessel leave Algeciras.


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