May 19, 2020

Naivas Limited launches new pay system Naivas Pay

Naivas Supermarkets
Naivas Pay
Sophie Chapman
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Naivas Limited launches new pay system Naivas Pay

Naivas Supermarkets has announced their plan to launch a new payment system within all of their retail stores.

Using the integrator Interswitch, Naivas will have PDQ point of sale machines and Naivas internal software, allowing the stores to accept cash, debit and credit cards, and mobile money (Mpesa, Telkom Kenya’s mobile money, and Eazzypay).

The means of interface with payments covers chip and pin for debit and credit payments, Mpesa payments that only require the input of phone numbers on PDQ machines, and QR codes for several other methods.

The supermarket chain will no longer rely upon traditional point of sales devices, as well as Lipan a Mpesa and Mpesa 1Tap – devices that are new to the market – and will run on its own preferred payment method.


Naivas and Interswitch claim they are the first to introduce this new payment system to Kenya and East Africa.

Interswitch has also allowed Naivas to reduce the cost of payments processing, due to being local and avoiding forex charges. This will reduce the transaction cost from 2% to below 1%.

Naivas Pay has been introduced in order for Naivas to prepare for e-commerce entry. With all data being channelled through one system, the retail chain is able to collect customer data to understand its shoppers.

This data will include frequency of shopping, shopping locations, type of products and payment methods, and will be used to prepare for the brand’s e-commerce launch, which plans to be introduced on 26 November.

Naivas intends to release a complete online catalogue of 1,100 products available for home delivery.

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