May 19, 2020

Bank of Africa launches African Entrepreneurship Award

BMCE Bank of Africa
African Entrepreneurship Award
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Bank of Africa launches African Entrepreneurship Award

The African Entrepreneurship Award – organised by BMCE Group Bank of Africa – aims to foster entrepreneurship in Africa by rewarding and recognising the achievement of individuals across the continent.

$1 million will be awarded across three categories – education, environment and a special funds for ‘untapped resources.’ Building on the success of the first edition, which accrued more than 5,000 applications from 54 countries, the African Entrepreneurship Award has formally announced the opening of the application process which spans until Saturday, May 7th.

The Award is comprised of three stages, which are:

  1. Gathering the most useful ideas for the region
  2. Selling projects: Successful applicants are asked to showcase their ideas via a presentation
  3. Final selection: which praises the most innovative and sustainable projects.

Project nomination is carried out with the assistance of the partners of African Entrepreneurship, including entrepreneurs, academics, leaders and mentors from across the globe; they will assist the candidates throughout the contest.

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Through the second edition of AEA, BMCE Bank of Africa, with foothold in twenty countries in the continent, reasserts its social and responsible commitment to support young entrepreneurs in their pursuit to create jobs and make Africans’ lives better.

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