IDOOH partners with Abercairn Digital to enter Nigerian taxi market

By alonge esone

Asian Out-of-house media company IDOOH announced today its new partnership with Nigerian advertising firm Abercairn Digital. The deal marks IDOOH’s first expansion into Africa, where the two companies will partner to create a new in-taxi entertainment service in the Nigerian city of Lagos.

IDOOH is the Asia Pacific region’s largest network of in-vehicle screens. According to the company site: “Using our proprietary in-vehicle screen technology, we bring targeted and relevant content to passengers to enhance the commute experience while brand owners gain campaign, fleet and consumer insights through our big data analytics.”

IDOOH’s new partnership with Abercairn Digital, a leader in Nigeria’s digital advertising space, will see the companies deploy 1,000 in-vehicle media screens with ride-hail drivers in Lagos. The screens will, according to a press release, “provide passengers with an entertaining and interactive passenger experience”, via “fully interactive 10-inch IDOOH display tablets” that “will offer passengers ... a selection of high-quality lifestyle, news, entertainment and e-commerce function.”



Mark Forsyth, CEO IDOOH Group, told the press: "As part of our global expansion strategy, we are thrilled to expand into Africa through a partnership with Nigeria’s DOOH innovator Abercairn Digital. Nigeria’s young demographic and populous country presents a vast opportunity for us to rapidly scale our network of in-vehicle screens from Asia Pacific to Africa. We look forward to working with them to transform the commute experience and provide brands with an opportunity to reach young, connected Africans through our interactive media technology and big data analytics.”

"We chose IDOOH for their ability to quickly deploy and scale their network of in-vehicle screens, proven track record in Asia Pacific, innovative advertising technology and big data capabilities”, said Oyebisi Asimolowo, founder and CEO of Abercairn Digital. “The introduction of IDOOH’s in-vehicle screens will transform the passenger commute experience and provide brands with an interactive DOOH platform to engage one-on-one with consumers and drive higher engagement and conversion rates."

Africa is the fastest growing region in the world in terms of population. According to a report by the United Nations, “Nigeria’s population is expected to overtake that of the USA by 2050 and could be the world’s third most populous by the end of the century.”



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