May 19, 2020

Dot Africa Domain A Boost For Business

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Dot Africa Domain A Boost For Business

Websites ending in dot Africa could soon be popping up across the continent as the drive to bring the ‘African domain ‘into existence gain momentum. 

ICANN, the global provider of I.P. management, has already received 500 applications from various Registry Operators within Africa. 

A decision is not likely to be made until early 2013 regarding the domain because of ICA NN’s rigorous application procedure and lengthy support checks, however early signs are promising for a positive decision.

Alice Munyua of the Kenyan Internet Governance Steering Committee said that the domain has the potential to “identify the region as a whole under one internet category.” She believes that the strong application was “sending out the right message” to ICANN.




Kenya is going to be one of the main beneficiaries of the new domain, having experienced a rapid increase in online presence over recent years.  Small businesses and emerging enterprise in Kenya and other similar African countries will be able to utilise the new domain to spread their services throughout the continent, creating more jobs and wealth in their own jurisdictions. 

If successful, the domain has the potential to keep African enterprise within African jurisdictions rather than outsourcing to other, more popular domains, as well as encouraging further foreign investment in African nations 

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