May 19, 2020

Europe’s first hyperloop train one step closer to launching

EIT InnoEnergy
Bruno Reis
2 min
Europe’s first hyperloop train one step closer to launching

The first hyperloop project in Europe, Hardt Hyperloop, has successfully completed two years of feasibility tests.

The train, a startup backed by EIT InnoEnergy, was revealed at an event in Delft, the Netherlands.

The project displayed its break-through Hyperloop Lane Switch (HLS) technology, which enables the vehicle to change lanes without additional or moving components.

The technology will allow the trains to retain their high speeds, effortlessly switch routes, and merge in and out of the network.

The feasibility tests also addressed magnetic levitation, low-pressure environments, a propulsion system, and cargo and passenger weight simulation.


The event marks the launch of the testing facility, dubbed the European Hyperloop Centre.

“The completion of these tests is a milestone for hyperloop technology everywhere. Bringing this technology to market will fundamentally change how we travel, offering a sustainable alternative to short-haul flights as well as shortening journey times in comparison to cars and trains,” stated Jacob Ruiter, CEO InnoEnergy Benelux.

“We are very proud to support Hardt Hyperloop and we will continue to work closely with the consortium to reduce time to market.”

“Our constant drive towards a method of transportation that maximizes results with the lowest possible amount of energy has once again proven fruitful with our innovative lane switch mechanism,” commented Sascha Lamme, Director of Research and Development at Hardt Hyperloop.

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