May 19, 2020

iHub to launch innovation centres in Kenya

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iHub to launch innovation centres in Kenya

The innovation hub and technology space in Nairobi, iHub, has announced plans to launch new innovation centres in Kenya.

The hubs will be located in Marsabit and Garissa counties, and will run for 21 months.

The project aims to develop solutions for those affected by Kenya’s recent droughts.

The initiative will be launched through the partnership of American financial service firm, Mastercard International, and the Kenyan humanitarian firm, Adeso.


The government-run UK Aid, an organisation that sustains small and medium civil society operations, has funded the hubs.

“The lab will be accessible to all segments of the community and the consortium will ensure participation of rural communities at the village level rather than focus on urban issues,” reported iHub.

The centres will host innovative thinkers and support and help develop their concepts, as well as creating access to experts for feedback.

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