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By Georgia Wilson
Business Chief, sits down with Hoorah Digital to discuss industry trends, up and coming innovations and the challenges within the industry...

Business Chief, sits down with Hoorah Digital to discuss industry trends, up and coming innovations and the challenges within the industry.

What are the current trends within your industry?

In marketing and advertising we’re seeing a shift to decentralised production. There’s a move towards in-sourcing digital and creative work and at Hoorah we have positioned ourselves to help clients make this transition without sacrificing on quality or efficiency, which sees the agency taking on more of a consultancy role. 

Data remains an important factor in our industry, though it’s not a trend as much as something that is fundamental to our approach. The efficient application of relevant data forms the bedrock of our work, our approach, our ethos, and already we’re seeing others follow suit. Data allows for connection and personalisation. It’s the way of now and of the future. 

Out of these trends what do you feel will be the biggest disrupter to the industry?

The impact of 5G is set to dramatically change the way we have experienced internet speed to date. Expected to be at least 100 times faster than 4G, the shift can be likened to the difference between a dial-up modem and fibre. Entertainment and communication will evolve to a point where engagement happens in real time. 

What innovative technology do you see emerging in the near future?

Hyper personalisation will become the norm and it will feel good because it will be spot on. Hyper personalisation will ensure that what you need is there at the micro moment that you want it. The expectation will be for this sense of serendipitousness to become the new normal. 


What are the biggest challenges within your industry at the moment?

Business leaders are not staying current when it comes to technology and creativity. Too many are operating in silos, when what is needed is seamless, integrated solutions, not just across the marketing and advertising channels, but across the business. We don’t know what we don’t know, which is why it is crucial for business leaders to commit to staying relevant by prioritising digital transformation. Importantly, digital transformation is not limited to the tools and the technology, but references an approach to business leadership that values innovation, solutions and a future-forward ethos. Key among Hoorah’s offering is leadership training and executive breakaways where the focus is on empowering leaders with the digital tools they need in a fun and relevant way. 

How is your company evolving alongside new trends?

In South Africa Hoorah is at the forefront of a new way of thinking about and doing business in the digital space. Our core offering is to drive measurable business results through digital media tech, data and creativity. We personalise experience for people, not for brands or products. The combination of innovation and creativity to tell stories with people at the centre of it, gives us the edge. 

How is your company utilising innovative technology (AI, ML, Big Data, robotics etc.)?

At Hoorah we take tech solutions to our clients and work with them on integrating the tools and solutions into every part of their business. Just recently we developed a Digital Maturity Tool, Atlas, that assesses where brands and businesses are on their digital transformation journey. It identifies where the issues are and then we work with the client on developing the core competencies and strategies that the business needs to not only function, but flourish, in a digital world. 

What would you say is your company’s biggest success to date?

Established in 2018, Hoorah has in a very brief period attracted a number of reputable brands to our roster of clients, including AB InBev, Nestle, Audi, Sanofi, Hi-Tec and Sneakerlab. A future-forward mindset and an integrated approach means that we can offer our clients more than creative solutions for campaigns, but solutions for a digitally mature way of doing business. Since 2018 we’ve acquired three independent agencies, namely Ritual Studio, Tenzing Agency and 2AM, as part of a bid to strengthen and grow in-house capability and to nurture and develop the best talent from around the continent. What’s more, Hoorah has attracted some of the top industry talent across both the business and creative spheres with our fresh, future focussed approach. 

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