May 19, 2020

Tizeti is expanding in Africa

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Tizeti is expanding in Africa

Wireless networking may be getting a boost across Nigeria as YCombinator alumnus Tizeti begins to expand in the region.

The company managed to raise $2.1 million from African and American venture firms such as Western Technology Investment, Social Capital, Vy Capital, Zeno Ventures and Ace & Company to continue expanding across Southern Nigeria, and is now heading towards profitability.

Tizeti’s plan is to wire most of sub-Saharan Africa with its towers, and create a network of wifi providers throughout Lagos that are easily accessible on the go.

Currently, the company’s customers are averaging 900 gigabits of internet usage at peak times; 200 gigabits on average.

Tizeti plans to expand its network of towers from 45 to 55 over the next 9 months until internet speeds in Nigeria hit 10 mbps.


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