Social media - the secret to SEO success

By Bizclik Editor


The use of social media networks in SEO campaigns is not based on the whims of a few SEO practitioners but has its reasons founded on extensive research studies. There is much evidence to suggest that social interactions and media sharing help promote the online visibility of a particular webpage more than traditional search engine optimisation does. Why? Being able to post profiles, videos, comments, images and other real time data means people can share this information quickly with friends, loved ones or colleagues.


Where to start?

Advertising always begins with an understanding of the target audience. SEO is the modern way of promoting products and services and social media is one of the vehicles it uses to make this a triumphant campaign. Thus, it has to know the best place where to begin the campaign.  How is this done? Track down the audience share of popular social media networks through monitoring software which can easily identify keywords, influencers and conversations.


What will be the game plan?

Create a game plan that will help you achieve your goals and objectives. Use the combined efforts of your SEO acquired skills and social media accounts, remain focused and be very patient. Produce as much content as possible and regularly update your web pages and social media sites. Make it as interesting as possible and share it to as many people as you can. Expand your network and do all means possible for this to occur.


What are the other options?

A single game plan will not be sufficient. You should back it up with a tactical mix which implies a combination of social media marketing effort that will be based on your continuous monitoring and search of your targeted audience. It requires a lot of devoted hours to interact with others and share valuable contents to other web pages so you can increase your page ranking. It is a long term investment which will be very fruitful for you and the company which you support. Share what you have and others will do the same. It is a win-win solution so never be too greedy.


The SEO insight

SEO practitioners are expected to have good insight towards the future. You should always remember that success in the use of SEO techniques like social media networks greatly relies on the efforts you will exert on your project. Planning is one of the key factors but determination and perseverance are the binding factors to your success.


Kristine Serran currently works as a search engine optimisation specialist for SEOP Inc.

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