VMware: CEOs should have technology in their DNA

By Georgia Wilson
VMware research reveals that UK business leaders believe CEOs should have technology in their DNA...

In a recent research report by VMware, 69% of business leaders in the UK, believe that CEOs and executive leadership positions should be filled by those who have technology career backgrounds, if business is to be more successful.

“Business leaders have never been at the helm of so much change, so those with an inherent knowledge of technology and an understanding of how applications can help them adapt to any market conditions and shape their future performance and resiliency have a real advantage. Indeed, three quarters of the world’s business leaders agree that a ‘technology inside’ leadership skills will bring success,” commented Ed Hoppitt, Director of Apps and Cloud Native Platforms VMware, EMEA.

“From the tens of millions of people and students now working and educating from home, to banks being able to scale to provide significant revenue streams, to businesses and retailers looking at digital platform options almost overnight, this pandemic has driven a decade of digital transformation in a few months”

The research also discovered that elevating technology team members into leadership roles drives significant value for the entire organisation. Identifying specific benefits 42% of business leaders recognise improved efficiency across the entire organisation, while 33% highlighted increased business performance and potential innovation and 39% identified improved customer experience.

VMware states that this sits against a backdrop of disruption, where digital transformation has helped leaders and their organisations to adapt to fast changing market dynamics, changing business models and employee mobilisation.

The research reports that during the pandemic UK business highlighted three key benefits of modernised applications to enhance their performance and resilience:

  • 58% highlighted the role of modernised apps to enable remote working
  • 31% identified the ability to continuously push updates 
  • 35% reported the capability to ensure reliable uptime

In fact, 81% of UK leaders believe that without successful modernisation of applications, organisations will not be able to deliver a best in class experience to its customers. This belief is echoed by global executives, with more than 80% believing that enhancing application portfolios will improve customer experience which is directly linked to revenue growth. 

“It is the ability to get these defining, business apps – that deliver information and services into the hands of users, where needed – that creates success and genuinely drives customer engagement. Leadership with technology in its DNA combined with a software-enabled digital foundation to serve up these digital services is a winning combination.”

It was also identified in the research, that EMEA companies that are high performers have a more efficient and effective development rate of applications, with 66% of new applications making it through to the production phase in high performing companies compared to 41% in underperforming organisations. In addition 70% of application efforts make it to production in the planned time frame in high-performing organisations, compared to just 41% in those that are underperforming.  

“Businesses risk missing a trick by not appointing C-suite execs with backgrounds in technology. It is no longer enough to simply invest in technologies, since their benefits to organisations go well beyond implementation. In order to get the most from these investments, it’s vital to deliver cultural change and strategic direction, a role best suited for leaders with an understanding of these platforms and the power to both respond to demand and enforce real change,” added Ursula Dolton, CTO at British Heart Foundation.  

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