May 19, 2020

Angola’s mobile subscription penetration to reach 72% by 2023

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Angola’s mobile subscription penetration to reach 72% by 2023

According to a GlobalData, the data and analytics firm, mobile subscription penetration in Angola reached 43% at the end of 2017.

The average mobile subscription penetration across sub-Saharan Africa had reached 73% in the review period.

The firm has forecast that by 2023, Angola’s mobile subscriptions will almost match the region’s average by reaching 72% of people.

The nation’s president, Joao Lourenco, has announced that he will aim to transform Angola’s economy, including the telecommunications sector.

The country’s telecom sector is dominated by Unitel, which owns 70% of the subscription market share.


The remaining 30% has been held by Movicel, which is partly owned by Angola Telecom, the state-owned firm.

“In the last year, the government has announced that it will launch two new mobile licenses, one of which will go to Angola Telecom, as it prepares to become the third operator to enter Angola’s mobile market,” stated June Sun, Technology Analyst at GlobalData.

“In addition, a 45% stake in Angola Telecom will be privatized. We expect Angola Telecom to enter the market in 2020.”

“These reforms and the introduction of new players in the mobile market should help boost competition and support mobile penetration in Angola, pushing mobile subscription Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to a robust 13% in the forecast period.”

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