First Nigerian Halal certification agency to be established

By Fran Roberts

For the establishment of the first Halal certification agency in Nigeria, Halal Research Council will provide technical expertise, capacity building, training, systems and other resources that will promote and expand the Halal Industry in the country.

Muhammad Zubair Mughal, CEO of Halal Research Council has signed an agreement in Abuja, Nigeria.

As per the agreement, the establishment of the company requires a period of three months including the entire certification procedures, audit system, standard operating procedures (SOPs), manuals, different forms, Halal testing labs, business plans and training, as well as co-ordination with international institutions.

Halal Research Council will be a shareholder of this institution as well.

About 50% of Nigeria’s population of 200mn are practising Muslims and the lack of a Halal certification agency within the countries concerns many when it comes to their food.


Zubair said, “It is an honour for Halal Research Council to provide its services for the establishment of the first Halal certification agency in Nigeria that will result in an availability of Halal Products in the country.

“The establishment of the Halal Industry will increase the exports of the country. This will gain expansion in Halal tourism as well as attain foreign direct investment from the Muslim World.

“Nigeria has a very strong agricultural Industry and vast resources of manpower that can further expand the Halal Industry.”

Halal Research Council, a Pakistan-based institution that has been providing research, training and awareness services on the topic of Halal, is partnering with the Jaiz Foundation to establish the first Halal certification agency in Nigeria.

Adamu Babangida Ibrahim, Director General/CEO of the Jaiz Foundation said, “The need for the establishment of a Halal certification agency in Nigeria has been felt for a long while and it is a pleasure for us to start this new journey in co-ordination with Halal Research Council.”


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