May 19, 2020

Train launches between Kenya’s Kajiado and Konza, targeting commuters

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Train launches between Kenya’s Kajiado and Konza, targeting commuters

A train service has been launched between Kajiado town and Konza, targeting commuters in the rural town.

The project was a joint venture between Tata Chemical and the county government of Kajiado.

The 162-seater train will leave Kajiado town, having five stops before reaching the Technology City planned for Kenya’s capital.

The Konza city spans across 5,000 acres and has received Sh1.2trn (US$11.9bn) in investment.

The train service will run twice a day for five days of the week, travelling across 42km for the cost of Sh30 ($0.30).


“We have been planning for a journey from Konza to Kajiado to seek medical services at Kajiado Referral Hospital, ending up depleting our resources. It is a big reprieve and we expect our lives to improve,” said James Sekut, worker at the Kajiado Referral Hospital.

The train will travel along the Magadi-Konzo railway line that has been previously used by Tata Chemicals to transport raw materials between Magadi and Konza.

The commuter service is anticipated to encourage business development in the towns, with 200 people on average travelling between Kajiado and Konza every day.

“We are committed to ease transport suffering for Kajiado residents by providing affordable and reliable means of transport that shall also boost local residents economically,” said Jackson Muchira, Managing Director at Tata Chemicals.

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