May 18, 2020

ArabiaWeather App Used 2 Million Times in First Month of Launch

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ArabiaWeather App Used 2 Million Times in First Month of Launch

ArabiaWeather has been used more than two million times in less than a month of its launch.

ArabiaWeather Inc., the first private weather company in the Arab World, has revealed the initial success of its new mobile application, the world’s first and most accurate Arab weather forecasting app.

Made available for both iOS and Android, the ArabiaWeather app provides key weather forecasts covering more than 5,000 locations within the Arab region. The smart phone app is also one of the first to take advantage of Apple’s new ‘Widget’ feature.

ArabiaWeather allows users to get the weather information for their area of choice, either hourly, in detail, or as a summary of the next ten days. In addition, users can also receive notifications and warning messages about sudden unstable weather conditions.

The app also has a ‘Weather Reminder’ feature, which notifies users about the weather conditions in a given day and the location they choose in line with their daily schedule such as early in the morning before they leave for work.

Other features of the ‘ArabiaWeather’ app includes  ‘Lifestyle,’ which are recommendations and weather-related tips that can inform users if its suitable to carry out outdoor activities like sports, picnics or trips to the park and even tell you how current weather conditions can affect public health.

Mohammed Al-Shaker, CEO, ArabiaWeather Inc. said, “This is our way of understanding the passion for technology that today's users demonstrate and addressing their demands and requirements.”

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