Capgemini, Airbus partner on cloud transformation program

Partners for 30 years, Capgemini and Airbus reunite to implement a large-scale cloud transformation program to drive innovation and sustainability

Capgemini has been selected by Airbus to deliver a cloud-first transformation program for its global Commercial Aircraft and Helicopters businesses.

Capgemini, which reported in 2021 global revenues of €18bn, has been working with the aviation giant for more than three decades, providing multi-disciplinary engineering services to Airbus’ Commercial, Helicopters, Defense and Space divisions.

In recent years, Capgemini has been working closely with Airbus on a program of business process improvement, looking at the application of RPA to the manufacturer’s supply activity; and last year, the two signed a five-year contract to support the redesign of the Airbus’ global collaborative workplace, both in terms of working methods and tools.

This will see Capgemini provide Airbus with online publishing and sharing services, collaboration and productivity tools, messaging services, instant messaging, video conferencing, and digital telephony services.

How Capgemini will support Airbus in cloud-first transformation

And now the aviation business is calling on Capgemini to help it deliver a cloud-first transformation that will enable the cloud services function to reach carbon neutrality by 2024.

How will it work? Capgemini will drive transformation of existing services through unification and modernisation, managing both private and public clouds as well as legacy infrastructure, along with infrastructure management, to achieve the flexibility needed to meet any future needs of Airbus Commercial Aircraft and Helicopters.

They will also facilitate the modernisation of applications, moving the environment to a multi-hybrid cloud solution. A ‘pay-per-use’ model will be deployed to support the continuity of Airbus’ activity, while allowing flexibility.

The hybrid cloud transformation program will accelerate new functionalities through advanced releases in Airbus’ IT systems, while contributing to innovation at scale to support Airbus’ production activities and supply chains.

Transformation will drive innovation & enable carbon neutrality by 2024

The ultimate goal for Airbus is to drive both innovation and sustainability, and Capgemini has positioned these at the heart of its approach.

Capgemini’s dedicated platform enablement team will support the Airbus IT department in accelerating and scaling its innovation roadmap. A joint innovation fund with Airbus will be established to fund and test emerging technologies for the Airbus business – such as machine learning and AI – to support the company’s goal to be at the forefront of technology trends.

To align the delivery of services against Airbus sustainability ambition, Capgemini will provide a next-generation cloud and infrastructure platform, adopting a holistic ‘sustainability by design’ approach to achieve an infrastructure carbon impact reduction across the service lines.

A sustainable cloud strategy will be implemented alongside an action plan. This will enable the cloud services function at the Airbus Commercial Aircraft and Helicopters to reach carbon neutrality by 2024.

“Innovation and sustainability are the top priorities for industry leaders today,” says Nive Bhagat, CEO of Capgemini’s Cloud & Infrastructure Services and member of the Group Executive Committee.

“We are fully mobilised to accompany Airbus’ existing and future programs for sustainable aerospace and resilient operations, bringing together the best of Capgemini’s expertise in cloud combined with transformation and innovation enablers.”


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