May 19, 2020

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to host Reimagine 2018 in South Africa

South Africa
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise to host Reimagine 2018 in South Africa

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will host its Reimagine 2018 event in Johannesburg to showcase the firm’s latest technology and innovations.

The event, which will be held in the Kyalami International Convention Centre on 4 October, will assess the latest trends in the country’s technology market.

The showcase will cover technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid IT, cloud, the intelligent edge, and blockchain.

The company intends to create a platform for the technologists, market influencers, business and IT decision makers, and HPE partners expected to attend the event.


The theme of the event is ‘a World Where Everything Computes and What’s Next is Extraordinary’ – covering the nation’s technology roadmap and developments.

“Reimagine 2018’s agenda was based on content and questions that arose from our Discover events,” stated Kena Setshogoe, Managing Director at HPE.

“It’s our goal to give attendees insight into how the right mix of technology and HPE solutions will help accelerate organisations’ digital efforts while paving the way for an extraordinary future.”

“Attendees will also have the opportunity to trade industry best practices, learn how we are thinking proactively about the next extraordinary things, and how to apply this to their own businesses.”

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